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Designed for Financial Professionals

Penn Mutual’s Accelerated Client Experience (ACE) is an industry first. We simplified the life insurance application experience with a secure, end-to-end digital platform that accelerates the application process for financial professionals and their clients. It lets you take a new client, who qualifies, from application to payment, in some cases, in as little as 24 hours.

How ACE works

1. Application Initiation

It’s easy to get started. Begin an application, invite your client to enter their personal information, and either you or your client can complete the application questions.

2. Underwriting Assessment

ACE’s Accelerated Underwriting Engine will determine your client’s underwriting class, or defer the decision to a traditional underwriter.

3. Product Selection

Upload the final illustration within ACE and confirm the product details with your client.

4. Application Submission

You and your client can review the application together, then electronically sign and submit.

5. Policy Delivery, Signature, and Payment

To finalize the new policy, just review and sign electronically, then forward to your client so they can do the same. ACE also enables electronic payment, so your client can make their initial payment immediately and manage their policy online.

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